What is BitClout : Emergent Phenomena

Emergent Phenomena

What can happen when you give people the ability to speculate on a person’s reputation? We
can’t know for sure, but one of the features that has emerged is what we call “buy and
retweet.” Ordinarily, retweeting someone gives you nothing. If that person becomes a
superstar because you boosted them, you’ll be lucky if they even remember your name in a
few years. In contrast, with BitClout you can buy someone’s coin and then retweet them,
which makes it so that you’re not only along for the ride financially if they blow up, but you
also get bragging rights. Imagine the difference between being able to say “I retweeted her
early on” vs being able to say “I bought her coin when it was $0.50 and now it’s $500– and by
the way I’ve done this hundreds of times, and I can prove it because my track record is on the
blockchain.” The latter is clearly a very different game. Moreover, it’s not just a famous
person’s game. If you know someone with a lot of clout, or if you know someone who knows
someone, you can buy a coin and send it to someone else so that they can buy and retweet
them. And thus the incentives go many layers deep. The interesting thing about this mechanic
is that it wasn’t even something consciously designed into the product. It exists as an
“emergent” phenomenon off of the core creator coin mechanic. What other dynamics could
exist that we haven’t yet thought of?

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