What is BitClout : The Power of Decentralization

The Power of Decentralization

Just like Bitcoin, anyone on the internet can run a BitClout “node” that serves the BitClout
content, and every node on the network stores a full copy of all the data. This means that
anybody can build apps on top of the BitClout data without the risk of being de-platformed,
and they can even create their own feed algorithm. When you visit bitclout.com, you’re using
our node, but there are already dozens of nodes on the network, all run by people like you. In
the long run there will likely be hundreds or thousands of other nodes you could visit to get
access to the same content, each with their own moderation policy. It also means that your
login on bitclout.com can be used on any domain that runs a BitClout node. In the same way
that you can move Bitcoin from one wallet to another, BitClout makes it so that you can move
your “clout” in the form of your followers, posts, creator coin balances, etc anywhere as well.
Thus, in some sense, BitClout is decentralizing social media in much the same way as Bitcoin
is decentralizing the financial system.

Thanks for reading, all the information on this site was taken from Bitclout white paper published at http://www.bitclout.com/ on week March 7th.

For more information visit keep an eye on this site and go to http://www.bitclout.com/ 

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